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Das Arbeitsprinzip der Hartmetall-Kolbenstange

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The working principle of carbide plunger rod

Cemented carbide piston rod is a metal rod in the piston pump, using the process of powder metallurgy preparation, the plunger is mainly in the pump or compressor to transport fluid, so for the plunger rod requirements are high, wear-resistant, high hardness, corrosion resistance, long service life, with this feature can reduce the replacement of the plunger rod, reduce business costs and expand the efficiency of machine operations. Next together with the working principle of the carbide plunger rod.

tungsten carbide plunger rods

When the plunger is pulled outward, the pressure inside the working chamber decreases, the export valve closes, and when it is lower than the import pressure, the import valve opens and the liquid enters; when the plunger is pushed inward, the studio pressure rises, the import valve closes, and when it is higher than the export pressure, the export valve opens and the liquid is discharged.

The inlet pipe valve is closed while the outlet pipe valve is opened, the fluid in the cylinder is sent out from the outlet pipe, the plunger keeps reciprocating in the cylinder, the fluid is continuously delivered to the target body, generally the plunger rod is key used in the working pressure of higher occasions.

   Zhuzhou Jinxin focus on high quality carbide plunger rod, we use virgin material, modern factory high-precision automatic equipment, has its own testing centre, each batch of products to do performance analysis, to ensure that the test performance qualified before leaving the factory.

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